Deep MisUnderstanding

Deep Misunderstanding is a not-for-profit organization that builds community support for our veterans.  How do we do that?  We hold support groups and events to link vets with other vets that share the same interest and understand what they are going through in life.  In our events and support groups, we rebuild the tribe they had in the military while educating the community on veterans’ issues and linking veterans back into the community.  Through life coaching and mentoring, we assist and help people with credit repair, navigation of VA and SSD, employment, housing, daily living skills and more in order to integrate the veterans back into the community.   We would like everyone in the community to reach out to each other.  We believe life is a ladder, there is one person below us and one person above us, if we all link hands, we can climb this ladder to success.  Deep Misunderstanding has no corporate office and no one on salary.  We believe every vet should be allowed to make decisions for their physical and mental health and what they put in their body. 

Become the best version of youself

1st Responders

1st Responders are the ones that are running into trouble when others are running away.  Why is it then that they will often run from there own troubles instead of run towards the help that is out there for them.  

About 20 veterans a day chose to take there own lives. There are many theories on why this happens. However, we can change that by actually getting to know them on a personal level and walking them through the battlefield of their own mind.

Life is a ladder, there are people above us and below us, we link everyone’s hand to help each other up to succeed.  We meet people where they are at on the ladder of life and help them to continue to climb to the heights of their dreams. 

Teachers have a unique calling to their field, so why do 50% of teachers leave the field within 5 years? They are under appreciated by the public and not supported by their employers, they require community, mind and body support. 
Deep MisUnderstanding is a 501c3 non-profit that is radically changing how mental health is treated.